Unified Communications

Our consulting team will solve your unique UCaaS puzzle for your organization. We specialize in 5 users up through 1500+ across a multitude of locations. We supply the top 20 providers in the space.

Here are three reasons why businesses are moving to HPBX:

  1. HPBX systems do not become obsolete like traditional premise systems. When new features are added to the system, everyone utilizing the platform benefits and the system continues to add value to the organization.
  2. Smart use of staff resources:
    IT Staff is often overburdened with multiple responsibilities. Most IT professionals I work with would much rather focus on strategic tasks rather than the day to day maintenance of a phone system. This is where J3 can really add value to your organization!
  3. Scalable provisioning:
    Companies can start small, deploy and move resources where they’re needed, pull back once a project wraps up or add features as needs change. Limitless scaling and unification!