Network Security

"Most security professionals believe that the US critical infrastructure will be breached by a cyber attack in the next two years. Most believe that their enterprises will be breached in the next 12 months. And most believe that the defenders of those infrastructures are not ready to respond."

Every single day enterprising tech savy criminals are highly aggressive and persistent, leveraging the same advanced attacks and tools as nation-states. Meanwhile, businesses are pressured to adapt and improve their security program with a lack of the necessary resources and expertise needed to protect against attacks. They are bombarded by a sea of sameness among vendors in a very competitive landscape. Often customers are struggling to find ways to best protect their assets and data while maintaining productivity and meeting customer needs. Our IT consulting services include expertise in the following areas:

  1. Security Program Strategy
  2. Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Mgmt
  3. Managed Security Services
  4. Ransomware Protection

In response to our customer’s needs, our leading suppliers currently offer a complimentary, one-time external vulnerability scan of your network! This immensely valuable tool demonstrates real time vulnerabilities that can be solved.