Managed Services

If you can’t identify the source of a problem, it’s impossible to solve it. Poor network visibility is not only a big risk to your organization’s security, it also threatens employee productivity, and makes it difficult to manage everyday nuisances like downtime and bottlenecks. J3 Technologies has partnered with leading technology providers and MSPs to provide businesses with complete visibility across their entire network. World class visualization services include:

  • Logging and reporting of all network activity. A suite of big data visibility and reporting tools that instantly identify and distill key network security threats, issues and trends, accelerating the ability to set meaningful security policies across the network.
  • Complete network assesments. Mapping every device connected to the network is an important step to having complete visibility into the network.
  • Control over mobile connections. Track all mobile connections through Wi-Fi and VPN to ensure only approved devices can access corporate data.